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ISO 9001:2008

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Zafety Lug Lock® is a world class product -
with a simple yet proven design that is cost effective.

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From Tractor Trailers to City Buses
Zafety Lug Lock® is installed
on vehicles of many types and sizes
around the world

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Zafety Lug Lock® is
Awarded, Tested and Proven

Received the Canadian Ernest C. Manning innovation Award
Third-Party testing to ensure our products work
Endorsed by fleets around the world

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Wheel Nut Management System that is a Solution, it’s not just an Indicator

Simple, ingenious design reduces the risk of wheel loss by securing
adjacent wheel nuts together and minimizing their ability to rotate.

Why choose Zafety Lug Lock®?

  • Fast and easy to install/remove – flexible, simply fits over two adjacent nuts – can be installed or removed in seconds by hand or with the optional hand tool. See video.
  • Lug nuts can be torque checked without removing the Zafety Lug Lock® – saving man-hour costs of removing and re-installing
  • Reusable can be reinstalled after removal for wheel end servicing or can be used in similar applications in the event equipment is taken out of service
  • Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures – the flexibility of Zafety Lug Lock® means fast installation and product durability in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions and ensures lug nut security will not be compromised by overheating wheel ends
  • Maintains nut torque even if wheel surface is compromised by loose paint or rust or nut is under torqued
  • Multiple sizes and colors to meet every need (special order corporate colours are available
  • Reduces the risk of wheel off accidents and wheel hub, stud and rim damage
  • Provides a clear visual check in all conditions
  • Independent testing to ensure that the product claims are fully supported by reliable arms-length third party experts
  • Field tested at high and low rotation speeds on all types of surfaces
  • 2-year limited Manufacturer’s Warranty – warrantied against manufacturing defects
  • Zafety Lug Lock® has millions sold worldwide
  • Patented / Registered Trademark
  • 2013 Earnest C. Manning Innovation Award recognition of simple but effective design meeting a marketplace need
  • Cost Effective – for less than the cost of an oil change you can increase the safety of your vehicle, reduce the possibility of wheel-end damage and reduce the risk of a wheel off incident for years to come.
  • Recyclable

What do others have to say about Zafety Lug Lock®?     Visit our Testimonials Page


State of Ohio Department of Transportation

I wanted to share with you a product that we tried here in D-12 this last winter that worked quite well…


Quality Distribution

Jim arrived with these locks. Mechanic installed them on one trailer and I installed them on another. Without even turning a wheel, I can safely say that these are far and away better than the pointers…


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

“…It is the Department’s decision to approve the use of the Zafety Lug Locks for our fleet.


First America

On this basis Zafety Lug Lock has been identified and satisfactorily used in a secondary safety capacity by GLI during 2010/11 and are fully supportive of the product, in this capacity.

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