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ISO 9001:2008


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Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award




State of Ohio Department of Transportation

I wanted to share with you a product that we tried here in D-12 this last winter that worked quite well, see attachment. We used to lose a few wheels and tires every winter due to improper torqueing of the lug nuts. With this product installed last winter we didn’t lose any wheel and tire assemblies


Quality Distribution

Jim arrived with these locks. Mechanic installed them on one trailer and I installed them on another. Without even turning a wheel, I can safely say that these are far and away better than the pointers.
1. They went on easily without tools and easier with the tool provided
2. The wheels can be torque checked with out removing the locks
3. Maximum installation time would ½ per trailer.
4. Manufacturer claims they are re-useable and I believe it.
5. Locks do not allow the lug nut to turn – pointers do.
6. Easy to train the users. From the Drivers perspective, he only needs to verify they are on and instruct the tire man to take them off and put them back should a tire be changed on the road.


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has evaluated the Zafety Lug Locks, Project Number 005-013.
This evaluation has encompassed a six (6) month period and the following items were tracked:
1. Practicality
2. Ease of Use (Operational)
3. Operator(s) Acceptance (Operational)
4. Durability
5. Quality of Construction
6. Safety
7. Vendor Support (Servicing, Repair Responses)
8. Legality (Does the item being evaluated meet all Federal and State Regulations)
After review of the filed reports and the Fleet Management Division’s study of the above mentioned component, it is the Department’s decision to approve the use of the Zafety Lug Locks for our fleet. Approval will be given to the counties for individual purchase locally at their discretion.


First America

I refer to the above and the experience gained by FirstGroup America Inc. (FGA) in testing and Greyhound Lines Inc. (GLI) experience in using the Zafety Lug Lock product.
FGA and GLI became aware of and developed a further interest in the Zafety Lug Lock product during 2009 as a result of the development and testing of the product by Tafcan Consulting Ltd.
Given proven operational experience in using an alternative product in the UK the Zafety Lug Lock product was independently tested by FGA and GLI on a “back to back” basis with the product used in the UK.
Having completed independent dynamic testing at the Automotive Proving Grounds, New Carlisle, Indiana in October 2009 Zafety Lug Lock satisfactorily met the laid down criteria.
On this basis Zafety Lug Lock has been identified and satisfactorily used in a secondary safety capacity by GLI during 2010/11 and are fully supportive of the product, in this capacity.

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